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TheLemur's December Message

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And you thought only Queen Elizabeth issued one of these...

Lemurized History and Thoughts
Well, it's that time of year when TheLemur blogs about others times of the year(s).

I notice I have been with Kickass Torrents over 2 years now. Doesn't seem that long ago I joined. Originally, my name was TorrentRaider ('raiding yo torrentz!')...I doubt anyone remembers that, as I wasn't active in the community initially. I joined because I found Kickass rapidly becoming my primary destination for torrents, owing to an exceptional user interface.The difference between kickass and, say, the Pirate Bay was like driving a Rolls Royce and clapped out Mazda respectively.

After a while I applied to become a particular reason really - I could, so I did. Around this time, I 'met' (imagine the train station from The Matrix: Reloaded) Firestorm.22.88K , now an integral member of the Kat Academic Group) in a thread I made about sourcing academic material. I was doing my undergrad work at the time, and was unpleasantly surprised finding the torrent world mostly catered to music, movies, tv, and of course, prawn ('The internet is for porn, the internet is for porn, that is why the net was born, porn, porn, porn'). Since 'grab your dick and double is click' is a past-time I leave to the more self-romantically involved, I decided, with the support of Firestorm.22.88K to set about master minding an Academic Hub (which is now known more commonly as the KAT Academic Group). You can read more about the structure and history of that here.

The Academic Hub, from its inception, became my primary community objective on KAT, the raison d'être for TheLemur's virtual representation of myself. Indeed, the Academic Hub is the main reason why I was promoted to SU, as I hardly ever perform any of the tasks which pave the normal way to Essudom. (That fabled land replete with candy trees and naughty young ladies).

I have never believed placing a strong emphasis on virtual friendships is particularly healthy, so I usually keep to myself on here apart from a few elect allies and GCP's (Generally Cool People). This isn't to say I haven't experienced other elements of the community in my own lemurized way. I always like checking out blogs, and as you all know, intellectually whacking a few heads together. In one of my earlier forays, I was muted on the whim of one of the higher ups ( Eppo71.04K reversed the mute) who has since faded from public memory , but I was impressed the active super users of the time were willing to stand up for me (shout out to ScubaLoo18.7K here). Over all, I have admired the proficiency and fairness of moderation ; I am convinced my little altercation was a rare exception to the general modding culture. For example, SkyMtn67.87K has always been friendly and willing backing up my administration of the Academic Threads. There's definitely an ingratiated, matured culture of 'getting along' imbued and instilled in KAT users, with an effective socialization process. I can't reveal much of what goes on in the VIP threads (the drunken parties could ruin many reputations), but I can say all entrants are cognizant of the importance of this Pax Kattia, and careful to apply it.

So while indulging in banal chit chat on threads devoted to banal chit chat is inimitable to TheLemur's virtual social construction of self (this isn't a value judgment btw), I simultaneously have respect for the general civility of communication accomplished here. My limited interactions notwithstanding, I lurk, from time to time, in tv discussion threads.

Of course, there are some Highly Effective Tosspots (HETs) scattered throughout the community (who likely habour similar sentiments toward me). I apply the label carefully by letting them apply the label to themselves. Making assumptions is dangerous, so I rely on actions alone. I certainty don't construe someone negatively for disagreeing with me; generally its when they fail to extend the same courtesy to me I am forced to revise my view of them. I bet you're all wondering who's on TheLemur's blacklist, aren't' you?

here goes:
- that guy who_______ when________ and all that stuff when down.
- the other _____ who told me _______ you ******** Lemur
- oh, and how could i forget ______, that ______ of a _______ guy who should ________ in a jam jar.
- __________
- ______ ______ barbie dolls

Now you probably think the face behind TheLemur is this guy.

Lemurized Friends

Although many members have been here longer than me, I have seen quite a few new ones emerge, and indeed some supernova entries and departures. Then there's the ones you feel you 'grew up' with on Kickass too. I remember fakekillermac20.79K who was exiled for some dramatic reason and his weed blogs. Never really knew the guy, but I used to think it was hilarious how he always insisted 'smoke weed every fukin day.' Oh the weed wars. Only the feminism blogs have come close the drama wheel of that epoch.

My profile states, "I do not accept random friend requests.
If you are on my friends list, I added or accepted you for a reason over and above the fact we can add each other as friends."

I have already explicated why I choose to dissuade or ignore (seriously, I love the 'reject all requests' button) friend requests. I will now attempt to talk a little about the 'over and above' reasons for the friends listed in my tab. After all, there's not many there, so saying some nice things about them is probably prudent ;)

If you aren't on the list, you shouldn't infer you haven't 'made it.' Elitist blackslapping is not on the menu tonight. Indeed, there's a number of users who I think are alright, but we haven't got around to a virtual handshake. TheLemur's low key cyber posture necessitates a coy disposition, which contributes to missed connections. I hardly ever send friend requests. If you and I are mutually known to each other, have interacted over a period of time, and/or have things in common, I'll generally accept.

Anyway, for the sake of parameters, I shall limit myself to the people in my friends tab without prejudice.

Academic Circle

An all round great girl and ANZAC, Firestorm and I used to frequent the same library, albeit in different time frames. She started to become active around here the same time as me; we 'came up' together on the site. She has always been an integral part of the academic community here on KAT. She is a prolific uploader, and a dedicated responder to user book requests (including mine, occasionally). I can always rely on her for level-headed advice. Without her support, the KAG would have probably encountered insurmountable impetus crises.

Of course, to talk of Firestorm is to talk of StormRG and her minions helpers which make the group viable. That brings me to...

Part of StormRG, 0xmovva demonstrates a formidable uploading appetite...

The Academic Group are all very proud of Anette's rise from user > VUL > SU > Torrent Helper. To infinity and beyond, Anette! Before her new responsibilities, '[A]' was another prolific uploader in the vital category of the social sciences. I've grabbed many of her books for my own assignments. One of the founding pillars of the KAG.

A busy man, blackatk is inactive on KAT at present. During the formative days of the Academic Group, blackatk executed a concerted uploading epoch, solidifying the breadth of the movement. A thoroughly scintillating conversationalist, he will not be forgotten.

Tahir founded UnitedVRG, which, as the name suggests, united veterinary and medical uploaders into a single group. A key pillar of the current Academic Group.

mealyyu6126 , IMPAVIDUS4871 , Sky-Bully8570 , DrThorax3717 , leah12895913 , and philosophi570
I only have the pleasure of cursory acquaintance with these fine ladies and gentlemen, but they are all valued members of the Kat Academic Group with a proven track record of sharing knowledge with the world.

Fellow TV Aficionados

A great pilot guy, RedBaron sources some great foreign tv shows.

Has helped me seed some large tv torrents I uploaded, and lent a hand tracking down subs. Runs an informative discussion thread on foreign language tv shows.

Fellow foreign language tv show watcher.


Nice girl with a similar foundational view of the world to mine, and not afraid to stick up for it when the chips are down.

The friendliest shark you will ever meet. I met him in the tv threads, but I see him around everywhere now as he is irrepressible. I think he should change his name to AtomicShark to match his avatar. Peer pressure everyone! Places!

The most recent 'addition' to the lemurized fold i believe. I've seen her lay down some good arguments infused with a obviously well contemplated philosophy of life. Even from our limited interaction, I can tell she's a master of her own self. This is rare today in a world of stimuli and response.

I know nothing about this joker except he spams my inbox from time to time with fantasy football invitations or something. Can't he see I'm from New Zealand, where, unlike the European pagans, we worship the One True Ball, that is to say, the Oval Ball? Egad. Unfortantely, he's at the top of the pecking order, so I can really report to anyone. I'm pretty sure I've deleted him a couple of times, but he keeps reapplying. So, I thought, 'what the hell. Why not have a purple in there to awe the commoners with my lofty connections.' ;)

A guy for whom 'equilibrium' is a watchword, not just a movie. Probably why he used to be a forum mod. Also has a great taste in Indie rock bands. I should know. I have great taste in music.

I think I met (the then) elegantly smoking maxi in the tv threads. She also has contributed to the Academic Group. She nominated me for SU, which was nice of her. A thoroughly all right lady in my book.

I think at least half of my rep points have come from CaeSarcasm +1ing my blog comments. TheLemur is only human. He likes people who agree with him.

Gryff is old school and can call a spade a spade. He writes cool blogs and has a healthy appreciation for November 5. At least two of those things are essential to the art of manliness. We can't exactly say what Gryoff is. Many philosophs have ruined their careers trying to elucidate the Da Gryvvi Code. Since it is easier to say what a thing isn't than what it is, we must turn to a negative definition and ascribe him the moniker of 'non-sucker'

I like this bit ^

A principled and steadfast guy who shares TheLemur's essential outlook. Stay lemurized brother.

TheLemur's Kat Quotes of the Year

This from a user named crisscross, most recently known as Bobafett782279 . A man of remarkable insight, he sadly lacks the ability to stay civil for protracted periods (hence the strikethrough)

On the moral and economic decay of the West:

1. "They call it "progress", but what it really is, is a backslide into barbarism, with the government paying trillions to hide from the people the natural consequences of their uncivilized behavior.
Someday the Chinese are going to demand their money back, the party will be over, and we will collapse into a 3rd world, 3rd-rate country of greedy and retarded perverts that are willing to trade every last shred of human dignity for a new and exotic way to experience orgasm."

On the 'retarded':

2. "I find baiting the retarded to be supremely enjoyable, and can spend hours and hours in rapt fascination with all the myriad ways that a hard-core retard can react to having their buttons pushed. Better, and cheaper than Viagra, less risky than exchanging bodily fluids and none of the psychic aftereffects of watching hard-core porn."


Since TheLemur does not celebrate Christmas...
Happy (upcoming) new year to all lemurized parties here at KAT

Lemur's Hate Words

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No, this isn't a instructional blog on racism. Should you need to brush up on that...

What I wanted to talk about are certain weasel words which particularly get my goat.


What are weasel words? What would one have to do to earn the Golden Weasel Award?



A weasel world is formally defined as equivocation, but many words which seem unequivocal do in fact, devalue the net meaning of a sentence in two subtle ways:

1. The word has become so popular the parameters of its definition have begun to break down.

2. The context requires a more specific word; a weaker or vaguer one is used instead.

Lemur's Top Weasel Words

Inappropriate. Often accompanied by its equally odious twin, Unacceptable.
"That the police officer demanded sexual congress from female drivers in exchange for cancelling a speeding tickets is completely inappropriate. This behavior is simply unacceptable."

Whenever some political wonk, scoundrel of a public servant, or corporate minion is dragged kicking and screaming into the limelight, these two words follow them. They are the height of snivellery. Instead of expressing condemnation in the positive ("He was wrong..."), they use words the prefix of which reverse the meaning of the root. Furthermore, unacceptable and inappropriate are popular because they cater to the worm like mentalities of the politically correct. Political correctness is predicated on giving offence to none (even when they deserve it), so a socialized view of 'truth' ('truth' and 'common sense' are two mutually exclusive ideas) is preferred. 'Unacceptable' and 'inappropriate' both strongly imply a deviation from a social norm, rather than breaching a legal or ethical edict. The ironic thing is, by preaching the gospel of social truth, the very standard by which an action is condemned is undermined.

"The Waffen SS said it was 'inappropriate' partisans protected Jews from German death squads. 'These sort of goings on are completely unacceptable', Himmler claimed."

Community. Often preceded by the saccharine sweet adjectives 'healthy' and 'vibrant.'
"The X Party will ensure healthy, vibrant communities for all _______ers. Community community community. What exactly is 'the community'? This amorphous social blob is ever present but never defined. Invoked at the slightest provocation, the community is generally a group of imagined people who agree with whatever cock & bull story a politician, labour leader, or NGO commander is trying to foist on the hapless public. Closely related to the word 'communism', 'community' is also deployed by the left in clandestine linguistic warfare to undermine the supremacy of the individual on which liberal democracy rests. Individuals care about themselves, and their relationships with other individuals. The faceless, abstract, community not so much.

Human Rights. This used to mean fundamental freedoms. Nowdays the slightest (usually imagined) infraction will result in a breach of these sacred laws. 'Did you see how that man looked at me? My human rights have just been violated.' Particularly in the realm of critical theory, violations of human rights often correlate directly to instances of disagreement with a pet theory. Because human rights are now considered a veritable herd of holy cows, anyone who has a weak argument immediately appeals to them, thus compensating for his lack of academic or logical rigor with the rhetorical force of an increasingly diffuse term. Even the original Western document on human rights, The Declaration of Independence, never bothered to logically justify WHY human rights were desirable. 'We hold these truths to be self-evident'...which pretty much equates to 'We hold these truths to be truths because they are truths.'

Feel free to add your own words to the list


Lemurized Verse

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Love Burns Nuclear in Summer Towns

Let’s tear this summer town apart
Five minutes to midnight, atomic hearts
Nuclear dawn in the spaces between
MAD metaphysics, love, lust, dreams.

A gala cloaked in dusky stillness
Archangel blue print there in your eyes
Master plan
Imperfect precision
Escalate the final fission.

Create a rift in time, double the rhyme
Like space folded upon itself redefining
the line dividing souls seeking sublime
fusion of selves far above cloud nine.

Your eyes flicker open
Our lips disentangle
Your hair falls free
And a fitful moment breezes away
Our Armageddon lost in New Galilee.


5 Minutes to Metaphysical Midnight

274 views    posted 06 Nov 2014, 07:23    
I recently watched a really fantastic Aussie film, These Final Hours, which explored the journey of a man during the 12 hours preceding a global, extinction level event.



What would you do?
The question the film is an intriguing one on two levels.

The first is the apparent one - you know you and everyone around you will die in 12 hours - what's your response? The movie exemplifies the old adage, 'live every day like it's your last.' Here's another question...would what you do depend upon the time frame? If you had six months to live, how would your actions differ from 12 hours? In the film, the protagonist sets out on path to redemption, trying to reunite a 12 year old girl with her family.


On to the second level of analysis. The movie presents itself like a high concept drama. 12 HOURS WHAT WOULD YOU DO! But there's people right now who know their time on earth has run the marathon. To quote Paul Edgecomb from The Green Mile "We each owe a death - there are no exceptions." From an individual perspective, there is very little existential difference between ending your days along with 6 billion others, or by yourself. As Grandma death whispers in Donnie Darko, 'Every single living thing dies alone.'

The erasure of humanity as a whole would only matter to an individual more than the death of himself if he deems the collective more important than the individual. In the West, the individual is considered supreme. So why do we care about people dying (fictionally [for now]) in civilization ending events more than the singular demise of Cancer Patient Joe? In our final moments, do we subsume ourselves in the collective spirit of existence, thereby assuring ourselves our being will continue after a fashion? I believe these sort of films expose the spiritual deficit in Western society. We cannot use each other as a crutch to assuage the fear of our morality. The vast majority of past generations lived like they did not exist, from our present day perspective. Time, let alone extinction events, will just as surely heap the same fate upon us. Like the Ministry of Truth in 1984, the anthropological bias toward presentism will eventually render our memory into nothing.

Our lives are made in these small hours
These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate
Time falls away but these small hours
These small hours still remain

All of my regret will wash away somehow
But I cannot forget the way I feel right now
In these small hours
- Rob Thomas

Guy Fawkes

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Guy Fawkes 2014 is nearly upon us. my brother and I bought about 1k worth of Fireworks today...


Guy Fawkes is by no means an obsolete tradition. The day commemorates the thawting of a Roman Catholic coup in which they tried to blow up King James I first of England and the houses of Parliament. Their failed attempt meant the English speaking world would be dominated by Protestantism, which in part explains the success of the countries which eventuated from England.

Had the Catholics succeeded the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada would not have:
- The common law (an obdurate civil law system instead)
- Protestant work ethic, which gave early semblance to capitalism and industrial progress.
- a concerted dedication to individual rights in the US. Catholic political doctrine stresses 'social harmony', a collective ideal.
- a formal and substantive separation of Church and state (in South America, where Catholicism prospered, the Church interfered constantly with politics, and still does today.
- The church also had a long history of fostering discrimination against Jews in Europe, which endures to the present day. Anglo-saxon countries generally had a warmer relationship with semetic peoples.

What are some of the things you like to do (or did) around Guy Fawkes?

Lemurized Super Ten (02)

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WHAT is a Super Ten?

A collective endeavour in which we compile a short playlist of 10 songs according to a specific criteria. This contextual framework, in conjunction with similarities and differences between the songs themselves, generates a new meaning.

I contribute 5 songs to get you started, the other half are up to you.

HOW to Play

First, you adjust your underwear so it's back to front, for reasons that won't be explained subsequently.

Second, think of ONE song you believe best matches the 'Criteria of the Day', listed below. Check no one else has already commented to that effect. If they have, give them a thumbs up. If not, post the title and artist yourself.

Optionally, you are encouraged to provide a reason why you picked the song you did, with particular reference as to why it superlatively meets the criteria.

Lastly, check back a day later or visit my profile for a torrent containing my 5 songs, and your top 5 as evidenced by way of comments/voting.

CRITERIA of the Day:

- songs which approach sex as a multidimensional phenomenon.

There's plenty of tracks around which deal with the purely physical aspects of sex (Eminem 'Ass Like That', Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' and so on), but what we're going for here is the song depicting an integration of states - emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc - when it comes to the horizontal hockey pokey.

MY Five

LIVE - Turn My Head
My impression of this LIVE song is one in which the two lovers have merged into a single state of present being due to the intensity of the emotional and physical feelings. I really like how the melody and tone of the song communicates a supreme sense contentedness and yearning at the same time.

Augustana - Fire
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and here the band use the simple analogy of fire to symbolize desire. Again, a feeling of completion and elevation comes through - 'desire' 'taking me higher', and 'leading me home'

Jimmy Eat World - Night Drive
Paints an alluring atmosphere around two lovers in a car at night.

LIVE - Dolphin's Cry
Another strident contribution from LIVE, or should or say aural orgasm. Essentially, the song relates an encounter on the beach (hence the dolphin's crying, I presume), but every 'event' is translated into a spiritual high code, so to speak. "God laid me down into your rose garden of trust" - well i think we're all pretty clear on the geography there! I particularly like the lyrics 'it's in the air we breathe tonight love will lead us...' because it breath is the bridge which ties the spiritual to the sexual. (If you have a significant other, see what happens when you consciously match your inhalation and exhalation). In this case, it also ties the man and woman together, as air is a common element. Later, the lyrics 'you wrap your legs around me all I can do to try and breathe let me breathe so that I so we can go together' occur, which i think are the sexiest I've heard. The metaphor of breath develops nicely into a concrete occurrence - breathing in love eventually overwhelms the senses and control - a complete abandon. Musically, the songs foreshadows the chorus with heavy strokes on the guitar, and then explodes in a rapturous refrain, much like the onset of a certain muscle spasm. If you watch the video they use a flood of water in parallel analogy. Anyway, i could go on, as I love this song to bits, but I'll leave it there.

Roger Eno - Fleeting Smile (from The Jacket Soundtrack)
No words, but it sound like a girl's teetering on the brink of orgasm the whole way through.

Well, now I've got myself all worked up. Time for me to take a cold shower, and you to post your suggestions and reasons.

LAST Lemurized Super Ten Torrent



Lemurized Super Ten (01)

259 views    posted 16 Oct 2014, 08:48    
Here's a new blog idea. We compile top ten lists of songs according to a certain criteria. I contribute five songs, and you guys contribute the rest. Of the five most popular you suggest, I will combine with my five and create a top 10 torrent, which will be placed in this blog after a while.

I quite enjoy listening to music according to a theme or specific criterion. I find the contextual framework, in conjunction with the similarities and differences between the songs themselves, generates a new meaning. So here's our chance to put together some really unique playlists.

If you have a suggestion, please write the name of the song and artist. One song suggestion per person. The 5 suggestions with the most votes will make it to the top 10.

You could also comment on what criterion we should apply next.

Feel free to comment on my selection.

Lemurized Super Ten (01) - Songs Revolving around a Girl's Name

My Contribution
Smokie - Alice
Toto - Rosanna
The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
Secret Service - Oh Susie



Fire on the Final Frontier

153 views    posted 02 Oct 2014, 20:37    
W or l d W i d e L em u r i z e d D i s t r i b u t i o n

- Proudly Presents -

Fire on the Final Frontier - Guy Fawkes 2014 Soundtrack


Take a trip into Space and back in a six 'stage' sonic journey.

I. Ready for Ignition
II. Blast Off!
III. Escape the Outer Atmosphere
IV. 'Deploy Orbital Maintenance Rockets'
V. Subdued Burn for Re-Entry
VI. Touch Down

The ultimate soundtrack for all your fire raising needs! Doubles as Independence Day Fireworks Soundtrack .


Format: MP3
Bitrate: Varies. Mostly 320 kb/s
Quantity: 310 MP3 Files


I. Ready for Ignition
Save the Edge of Glory (DJ's from Mars)
When the Sun Goes Down [Original Vocal Mix] (Vincent De Jager)
Let Us Burn (Within Temptation)
The Final Countdown (Europe)
Lights & Thunder (Krewella).mp3 10.99 MB
A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES [Rick Rubin Reboot] (Linkin Park)
We Are Young (Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe)
In Colour (Shapeshifter)
If I Lose Myself [Acoustic Version] (One Republic)
Burn (Ellie Goulding)
Blow (Ke$ha)
Dynamite (Taio Cruz)
Start A Fire (Ryan Star)
Fade Into Darkness [Vocal Radio Edit] (Avicii)
Under Control (Alesso & Calvin Harris feat. Hurts)
Nightcore - Burn (Ellie Goulding)
Nighvision (John Murphy)
Loud (Stan Walker)
Skyfire (Edit)
'The Calm Before the Storm' (Edit)
Fuse (Edit)
Remember, Remember... (Matt Smith)

Light the Fuse [Original Mix] (Datsik)
Fire in Our Hearts (Swanky Tunes Feat. C. Todd Nielsen)
Shooting Star (Discotronic)
Fire (Bombs Away)
When A Fire Starts To Burn (Disclosure)
Bonfire (Knife Party)
Fuel (Metallica)
Ring of Fire (Krewella)
Fire in Your Eyes (Syrian)
Blow the Roof (Flux Pavilion)
Ready Aim Fire (Imagine Dragons)
Neon Lights (Demi Lovato)
Shooting Star (David Rush Ft. LMFAO, Pitbul Kevin Rudolf)
Written in the Stars (Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner)
Fire (Scooter)
Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)
Move Into Light (Juventa Ft Erica Curran)
Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon)
Angel In The Night (Basshunter)
Playing with Fire (Darin)
St. Elmo’s Fire (2-4 Grooves)
Gasoline (Britney Spears)
Boom Boom (Justice Crew)
Supernova (Syrian)
Legends (Madina Lake)
Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell (The Offspring)
Playing with Fire (La Cream)
Burning Up for You (Sara)
Fireworks (Madina Lake)
Fire Water Burn (Nightcore)
Burning Up The Night [Total Fire] (2Fast)
Glowing (Nikki Williams)
Burning Up (Taleesa)
Bring The Lights (Carpark North)
The Roof Is on Fire (Uproar)
Club Inferno (Scarf)
Angel in the Night (Nightcore)
Techno Shine So Bright (DJ Magix)
Blow It Up (Bonaparte)
Light Up The Night (Hirosachii)
0 - Ignition (Scooter)
Incoming Firestorm (Edit)
Mayday (Edit)

III. Escape the Outer Atmosphere
Waves Of Light (Virtual Device)
Playing With Fire (Chroma Music)
This Light Between Us (Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns)
Lighters (Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars)
Shot in the Dark (Within Temptation)
City of Angels (Thirty Seconds to Mars)
Charlie Brown (Coldplay)
See the Light (Green Day)
A Sky Full Of Stars (Coldplay)
Adagio In D Minor [Sunshine Version] (John Murphy)
Hold Up a Light (Take That)
Shine (Collective Soul)
Light Up the Night (Black Eyed Peas)
If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It (Snow Patrol)
St. Elmo's Fire [Man In Motion] (John Parr)
Colours (Morandi)
Galaxy (Jessica Mauboy ft Stan Walker)
Glow (Nelly Furtado)
Raging Fire (Phillip Phillips)
Into the Light (SERUM)
Fire It Up (Busta Rhymes)
Soul on Fire (Hoodie Allen)
Burning Heart (Survivor
Light Years Away (Tiesto)
Paris Is Burning (Ladyhawke)
Girl On Fire (Alicia Keys)
Diamonds (Rihanna)
New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)
Set the World on Fire (E-Type)
When the Sky Rained Fire (Modern Talking)
Burning Up the Night (Krokus)
Shine Like Stars (Glasvegas)
Fireworks (Plain White T's)
Lovers on the Sun (David Guetta)
Light Up The Night (Boyzone)
Turn up the Heat (Rockell)
Spark (Amy MacDonald)
Waiting for the Night [Radio Edit] (Armin van Buuren feat Fiora)
Blow Up (Sammy Adams)
Boom Clap (Charli XCX)
Set Me on Fire (Buried in Verona)
Venus (Bananarama)
Light Up The Sky (3LAND)
Light Up The Night (Rabbit)
Rule the World (Take That)
Fires (Feeder)
Light Up the Night (Fountainheads Hanukkah)
Fire Water Burn [Donkey Version] (Bloodhound Gang)
Your Heart Keeps Burning Stefano Sorrentino)
Hot (Inna)
The Roof Is on Fire (Bizzy Bone)
Illuminated [Nightcore Version] (Hurts)
World on Fire (Golden State)
Supernova (Mr Hudson ft Kanye West)
Broken Tonight (Armin Van Buuren)
Theme from Armageddon (Trevor Rabin)
Hot Mess (Uncle Kracker)
Lighting Up the Night (Jack Wagner)
Light Up the Night (12 Twenty Four)
Light It UP (Stan Walker)
Sparks (Cover Drive)
Teraxicum - Light Up The Night [Edit] (Mark Slee)
She's Fire Walking (Tim McMorris)

IV. 'Deploy Orbital Maintenance Rockets'
So Just Hang On, Beautiful One (Au4)
Run (Snow Patrol)
Playing with Fire (Brandon Flowers)
Halo [Beyonce Cover] (Ceo)
Lover of the Light (Mumford & Sons)
The Light Behind Your Eyes (My Chemical Romance)
Burning Down (Meat Loaf)
Ultra Violet {Light My Way} (The Killers covering U2)
The Fire Inside (Bon Jovi)
Shine a Little Love (Electric Light Orchestra)
Beginning to See The Light (The Velvet Underground)
Fire (Kasabian)
Burning Bridges [Acoustic Version] (One Republic)
Yellow (Coldplay)
World on Fire (Trading Yesterday)
Shooting Stars (The Maneken)
Fire on the Water (Chris de Burgh)
Halo (Beyonce)
Beautiful Pain (Eminem feat. Sia)
Crossfire (Brandon Flowers)
Uberlin (R.E.M.)
Blue Foundation - Bonfires (The Ninetys Remix)
Fernando (Abba).mp3 9.68 MB
Fires (Band of Skulls)
Electrolite (R.E.M.)
The Dreams of Candlelight (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
Explode (The Cardigans)
Shot At the Night (The Killers)
Flash in the Night (Secret Service)
Bonfire Heart (James Blunt)
Ash and Ember (Augustana)
Light Surrounding You (Evermore)
Flares (The Script)
My Shadow (Keane)
Pure (The Lightning Seeds)
Fire on the Mountain (The Grateful Dead)
Miss Atomic Bomb (The Killers)
Shine (Mr. Big)
Like a Candle Burning Slow (Danger Silent)
Shining Light (Ash)
Into the Light (The Alexandria Quartet)
Rust (Echo & the Bunnymen)
My Heart Is Burning (Gregorian)
Illuminated (Hurts)
Volcano (U2)
Fireworks (Carpark North)
Spitting Fire (The Boxer Rebellion)
Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales (Mrs Greenbird)
White Light, White Heat (The Velvet Underground)
Walking Through Fire (Mary)
Blow It Up (The Vaccines)
Shooting Star (Expatriate)
Blaze of Glory (Altiyan Childs)
Burn (Tina Arena)
I See the Light (The Music Exposion)
Flames of Love [Bass Up Version] (Fancy)]]
Love and a Molotov Cocktail (Fly's)]
Fire (The Pointers Sisters)
Whispers in the Dark [Acoustic] (Skillet)
Light Speed (Golden State)
Glory Glory Hallelujah (Elvis Presley)

V. Subdued Burn for Re-Entry
Proof (Coldplay)
Heart's On Fire (Passenger)
Illumination (Secret Garden)
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (John Mayer)
This Wheel's on Fire (The Byrds)
Under The Milky Way (The Church)
Here With Me (Susie Suh & Robert Koch)
Sparks (Coldplay)
Smoke gets in your eyes (The Platters)
Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Fire (Augustana)
Man on Fire (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)
Kiss of Fire (Louis Armstrong)
Pledging My Love (Elvis Presley)
Sail on Silvery Moon (Billy Vaughn)
Columbian Fireworks (Edit)
The First Kiss Came With Flame (Michael Hoppe)

VI. Touch Down
You Will Find a Way (Maps)
Goodbye Milky Way (Enigma)
Fix You (Coldplay)
Midnight (Coldplay)
The Lights Go Down (Electric Light Orchestra)
Up in Flames (Coldplay)
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire (The Ink Spots)
All Good Things (Nelly Furtardo)
Shine a Light [Short Version](Spiritualized)
Bright Eyes (Simon & Garfunkel)

imageimageimage + Two More



I spent six months compiling this sountrack. If this isn't the best compilation of music by theme you have ever download, I'll eat my socks.

Let me reiterate why you want this collection:
Ladies - it will blow your knickers off!
Gentlemen - see above

I would love to make the KAT homepage music widget, so please download and seed everybody

- Lemur

Lemurized Seduction

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The word engenders a plethora of associations and reactions. Manipulation, excitement, sex, trepidation, amorality, immorality, evil, using others.

Of course, these are the very attributes which make the concept of seduction seductive. We are drawn into a recursive vortex by our own ideation, even when striving against the idea. As Robert Greene stated in The Art of Seduction...

"It is pointless to try to argue against such power [i.e., seduction], to imagine that you are not interested in it, or that it is evil and ugly. The harder you try to resist the lure of seduction—as an idea, as a form of power—the more you will find yourself fascinated."


Look at the above photo. The woman's body language is at once resistant and inviting to the man's advance. Seduction, the ultimate form of soft power, is something we are taught rationally to resist both substantively and morally, but we we all yearn to be overcome by it.


"It is wrong to manipulate people", claims the moralizer. His argument has a superficial appeal. But it is our nature to seduce and be seduced. We are fundamentally open to influence at a subliminal level. For instance, merely signing a petition will almost guarantee you are more amenable to making significant sacrifices for the cause in question at a later date. (Cialdini, Influence: Science and Practice). Potentially, in this scenario, those asking for your signature have no idea they have manipulated you.

Daniel Goleman argues:
“The fact that we can trigger any emotion at all in someone else [by function of mirror neurons]—or they in us—testifies to the powerful mechanism by which one person’s feelings spread to another. Such contagions are the central transaction in the emotional economy, the give-and-take of feeling that accompanies every human encounter we have, no matter what the ostensible business at hand may be.”

What the moralizer really should is this. "Don't manipulate me. I'm quite happy living as the product of other people's manipulations." We live in a world of intersubjective nexus, where minds and feelings constantly collide, correlate, integrate, and assimilate. Is it really the greatest moral infraction to exert a conscious control over the process?

"A prince without power can do no good" - Machiavelli [simplified].

The answer is yes and no, assuming the universe has a moral fabric. When seduction, one of the many subsets of power, is used for wrong ends, a case may well be made. When used to further human interaction and minimize conflict, however, we find seduction is a ethically neutral tool, just like your own physical power. People are naturally perverse, resistant to any designs but their own. Seduction allows you to navigate the choppy waters of other's interests and further your own without starting World War V (This is a war so intense, it skips the III and IV).

There's a deeper clash here between utilitarian (ends justify means) and Kantian (things are always categorically right or wrong) philosophy. Philosophs have debated the point for centuries, so its obvious the problem lies on the wrong side of the line for empirical investigation, and thus a certain answer. No one, then, has the right to ride an equine morality [translation: get on their high horse] into battle against the sinful amoral naughty 'other.'

"You're just a poor misguided fool, who thinks they know what I should do...I lose my rights to a point of view." - Starsailor

(One of the greatest political seducers of the modern era).

Here she comes, you better watch your step
She's going to break your heart in two, it's true It's not hard to realize
Just look into her false colored eyes
She builds you up to just put you down, what a clown
'Cause everybody knows (She's a femme fatale)
The things she does to please (She's a femme fatale)
She's just a little tease (She's a femme fatale)
See the way she walks
Hear the way she talks
You're put down in her book
You're number 37, have a look
She's going to smile to make you frown, what a clown
Little boy, she's from the street
Before you start, you're already beat
She's gonna play you for a fool, yes it's true
'Cause everybody knows (She's a femme fatale)
The things she does to please (She's a femme fatale)
She's just a little tease (She's a femme fatale)
See the way she walks Hear the way she talks. - The Velvet Underground

I've already talked about the paradox of our reaction to seduction, so I'm sure you can figure out the relationship between these two sets of lyrics, ^ and V.

Restless, hopeful, in silence I wait
With a blank piece of paper on the top of my head
And all I want is something I can write about
All I want is something I can cry about - Crowded House

Human beings, at their essential element, want to feel, which is what Neil Finn so briliantly captures in the stanza above. We can consider our own existence, experience emotions at a meta level. In many ways, the turmoil seduction stirs fulfills a need above and beyond that of sex and romance we are not always consciously aware of.

Well now, time to consider the various approaches to seduction.

1. Anecdotal
There is a literature stemming from the self-proclaimed PUA (Pick Up Artist) 'community' which, for the benefit of others, chronicles experiences with the opposite sex of fractionally enlightened sleazebags and goofballs.


The reason my tone turns so pejorative when discussing them is not because of their Machiavellian tactics per se, but their failure to see seduction as an art, and therefore, and aesthetic process. It is an end in itself, not just a tool to put your dick in the nick, to put it crudely. Not that sexual interest is something to be ashamed of (although consummation thereof is a different discussion, and one which i approach quite conservatively), but to reduce seduction to a mere tool of biological determinism is reductive in the extreme.

Further, because they lack a comprehensive framework of understanding, the literature lacks conceptual integration and synthesis. Often, it cannot be effectively deployed because of this fragmentation.

Lastly, this approach excludes women, who are the emblematic gender of seduction. After all, in male dominated societies, women turned to soft power, and so became the archetypal purveyors.

Robert Greene's excellent book, The Art of Seduction, develops a comprehensive analysis of some of the greatest (male and female) seducers in history.

(Robert Greene: Don't look directly into his eyes ladies).

The lessons he draws pierces the psychology of the recorded narratives, teasing out the precise machinations which conquered the affections of a virtuous damsel or notorious womanizer. Well worth a read, even for literary style itself.


A sure fire way to get feminists hopping mad is to suggest biological imperatives, not 'co-opting social narratives', dictate gender interactions and roles. While I have great respect for women, I have none for feminists, and so I find winding up these angry birds is even more fun than than the computer game.

In this view, a women's attractiveness lies within her physical vulnerability and charms, while a man's attractiveness is domiciled in a certain set of behaviors that are less present or entirely absent in females. These are confidence, charm, and responsibility. Confidence means the man can protect a woman (in general), and by being charming, he communicates he will protect one in particular. Responsibility (demonstrated through leading the relationship forward) shows a level of commitment necessary for a stable relationship in which children can be raised.

The politically correct establishment socializes women to whole heartedly reject this 'patriarchal model of oppression', but consider ladies, for a moment, if you are wrong, you will never experience a satisfying relationship if you don't let the man lead. I'm not rejecting the inroads women have made in the public sphere in the last 100 or so years, but I am of the opinion the dynamic of absolute equality makes for unhappy relationships. The participants don't know whether they are Arthur or Martha, and since most heterosexual attraction is predicated on the other being either Arthur or Martha, social deviation from the biological map defies logic (and happiness).


Sociobiological perspectives are not purely scientific. They can be argued for, but cannot be absolutely proven (the same applies to feminism and any other political view you may choose to mention).

Empirical books on the subject explain how the results of social psychology can be applied to romance. For example, any effort we expend in securing something heighten our attraction for it. Thus, deploying strategies to make your quarry chase you, rather than you pursuing them, becomes of paramount importance. How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You (Leil Lowndes) and How to Make Girls Chase: Every Tactic and Technique You Need To Get The Girl(s) Of Your Dream (Chase Amante) both conform to the psychological approach.

You can secure those two titles, and the other two books I recommended, altogether, here:

And now, a rather humorous story on the topic to close with (I know it looks long, but you won't regret reading it)

There once lived in the town of Gafsa, in Barbary, a very rich man who had numerous children, among them a lovely and graceful young daughter called Alibech. She was not herself a Christian, but there were many Christians in the town, and one day, having on occasion heard them extol the Christian faith and the service of God, she asked one of them for his opinion on the best and easiest way for a person to “serve God,” as they put it. He answered her by saying that the ones who served God best were those who put the greatest distance between themselves and earthly goods, as happened in the case of people who had gone to live in the remoter parts of the Sahara. · She said no more about it to anyone, but next morning, being a very simple-natured creature of fourteen or thereabouts, Alibech set out all alone, in secret, and made her way toward the desert, prompted by nothing more logical than a strong adolescent impulse.

A few days later, exhausted from fatigue and hunger, she arrived in the heart of the wilderness, where, catching sight of a small hut in the distance, she stumbled toward it, and in the doorway she found a holy man, who was astonished to see her in those parts and asked her what she was doing there. She told him that she had been inspired by God, and that she was trying, not only to serve Him, but also to find someone who could teach her how she should go about it. On observing how young and exceedingly pretty she was, the good man was afraid to take her under his wing lest the devil should catch him unawares. So he praised her for her good intentions, and having given her a quantity of herb roots, wild apples, and dates to eat, and some water to drink, he said to her: • “My daughter, not very far from here there is a holy man who is much more capable than I of teaching you what you want to know. Go along to him. ” And he sent her upon her way.

When she came to this second man, she was told precisely the same thing, and so she went on until she arrived at the cell of a young hermit, a very devout and kindly fellow called Rustico, to whom she put the same inquiry as she had addressed to the others. Being anxious to prove to himself that he possessed a will of iron, he did not, like the others, send her away or direct her elsewhere, but kept her with him in his cell, in a corner of which, when night descended, he prepared a makeshift bed out of palm leaves, upon which he invited her to lie down and rest. · Once he had taken this step, very little time elapsed before temptation went to war against his willpower, and after the first few assaults, finding himself outmaneuvered on all fronts, he laid down his arms and surrendered. Casting aside pious thoughts, prayers, and penitential exercises, he began to concentrate his mental faculties upon the youth and beauty of the girl, and to devise suitable ways and means for approaching her in such a fashion that she should not think it lewd of him to make the sort of proposal he had in mind. By putting certain questions to her, he soon discovered that she had never been intimate with the opposite sex and was every bit as innocent as she seemed; and he therefore thought of a possible way to persuade her, with the pretext of serving God, to grant his desires.

He began by delivering a long speech in which he showed her how powerful an enemy the devil was to the Lord God, and followed this up by impressing upon her that of all the ways of serving God, the one that He most appreciated consisted in putting the devil back in Hell, to which the Almighty had consigned him in the first place. · The girl asked him how this was done, and Rustico replied: • “You will soon find out, but just do whatever you see me doing for the present. ” And so saying, he began to divest himself of the few clothes he was wearing, leaving himself completely naked. The girl followed his example, and he sank to his knees as though he were about to pray, getting her to kneel directly opposite. • In this posture, the girl’s beauty was displayed to Rustico in all its glory, and his longings blazed more fiercely than ever, bringing about the resurrection of the flesh. Alibech stared at this in amazement and said: · “Rustico, what is that I see sticking out in front of you, which I do not possess?” • “Oh, my daughter,” said Rustico, “this is the devil I was telling you about. Do you see what he’s doing? He‘s hurting me so much that I can hardly endure it. ” • “Oh, praise be to God,” said the girl, “I can see that I am better off than you are, for I have no such devil to contend with. ” • “You’re right there,” said Rustico. “But you have something else instead, that I haven’t. ” • “Oh?” said Alibech. “And what’s that? ” • “You have Hell,” said Rustico. “And I honestly believe that God has sent you here for the salvation of my soul, because if this devil continues to plague the life out of me, and if you are prepared to take sufficient pity upon me to let me put him back into Hell, you will be giving me marvelous relief, as well as rendering incalculable service and pleasure to God, which is what you say you came here for in the first place.” • “Oh, Father,” replied the girl in all innocence, “if I really do have Hell, let’s do as you suggest just as soon as you are ready. ”• “God bless you, my daughter,” said Rustico. “Let’s go and put him back, and then perhaps he’ll leave me alone. ” · At which point he conveyed the girl to one of their beds, where he instructed her in the art of incarcerating that accursed fiend. •

Never having put a single devil into Hell before, the girl found the first exerience a little painful, and she said to Rustico: • “This devil must certainly be a bad lot, Father, and a true enemy of God, for as well as plaguing mankind, he even hurts Hell when he‘s driven back inside it.”• “Daughter,” said Rustico, “it will not always be like that.” And in order to ensure that it wouldn’t, before moving from the bed they put him back half a dozen times, curbing his arrogance to such good effect that he was positively glad to keep still for the rest of the day. • During the next few days, however, the devil’s pride frequently reared its head again, and the girl, ever ready to obey the call to duty and bring him under control, happened to develop a taste for the sport, and began saying to Rustico: •“I can certainly see what those worthy men in Gafsa meant when they said that serving God was so agreeable. I don’t honestly recall ever having done anything that gave me so much pleasure and satisfaction as I get from putting the devil back in Hell. To my way of thinking, anyone who devotes his energies to anything but the service of God is a complete blockhead.” • . . . And so, young ladies, if you stand in need of God’s grace, see that you learn to put the devil back in Hell, for it is greatly to His liking and pleasurable to the parties concerned, and a great deal of good can arise and flow in the process.

End Transmission

Songs of Innocence - U2

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Songs of Innocence is the thirteenth studio album by Irish rock band U2. It was announced on 9 September 2014 at an Apple Inc. keynote event, and released the same day to all iTunes Store customers at no cost. - Wikipedia




1. "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)"
2. "Every Breaking Wave"
3. "California (There Is No End to Love)"
4. "Song for Someone"
5. "Iris (Hold Me Close)"
6. "Volcano"
7. "Raised by Wolves"
8. "Cedarwood Road"
9. "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight"
10. "This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now"
11. "The Troubles"

My Impression
The jarring opening track, The Miracle, suggests another electronic influenced album. Not so. Track 1 alone, has heavy production traits.

I enjoyed the tracks Every Breaking Wave and Iris, probably because stylistically they invoke the specter of All that You Can't Leave Behind. You can also hear hints of the early post-punk U2 and Zoopra (track 1).

How has U2 sound evolved? Volcano and Raised by Wolves represent a 'new sound' in purest form. In my opinion, it's a combination of the anthemic tone from All That You Can't Leave Behind and the earlier, sharper, post punk tone of albums like Boy and War.

The low point on the album, I believe, is 'This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now', which lapses into all the whiney repetitiveness and basic progression of Snow Patrol. Which would be fine for Snow Patrol (a second gen U2 derivative), but not for U2.

Best lyrical soundbyte: 'A heart that is broken is a heart that is open.' ('Cedarwood Road)

Score: 7.5

What's your opinion? Would you place this album on the top shelf of U2 Work?
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